Feeling Happy Today, New Album ‘Her Blackened Heart’ Finished and Released.

Ok for most of this week I had been feeling really upset with myself. I was struggling with my music and feeling really unhappy with myself. Come today things are brighter and I’m feeling finally happy in myself. The last couple of days I could have smashed my guitar, my music wasn’t going very well at all and I had deleted some songs. So anyway yesterday came and I played again and straight away everything worked and was much better. Things don’t work all the time and I was happy I got something how I liked and sounded right for my ears.

“Dead Girl Amongst The Ravens” is my last song for my album, I think it’s my best track on the Album. So it’s finished and released now my new album now. Well my album is complete and ready and released. I made my album cover today. See my finished album cover below. I’m really happy with it. It’s very Metal!! Haha \m/ See my cover below. Click on it for large view.

Overall I’m not that happy with my new album but maybe I will overtime come to like it. I do like it in a way but it was a struggle to get it finished. It is quite different this Djent music which is what this new album is all about. But the main thing is that it was fun to make. You can stream the finished album over at my bandcamp site here: https://alishapoor.bandcamp.com/album/her-blackened-heart

Well it’s Friday Night now 7:57 PM right now this evening and I feel so happy that I have finished my album. So I’m just relaxing now and going to have some beer/wine. Thanks to all my fans, friends and family for all your support and encouragement. Keep rocking out everybody! I’m going now to enjoy my evening, catcha, Ali,xx.

View my Album Cover below, click on image for large view.

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