Feeling Low like my tuning, Alisha is Mentally Unwell right now, Music Insight, Djent Music Summary.

Well I thought I’d write a blog this evening because I have lot to discuss. I have broken it into segments.

Djent Summary

Let’s start with my Djent Summary.

For the last 2 weeks I have been playing Djent music and I have found it quite fun to play. It takes quite a bit of practice but having a naturally stabby like playing style Djent wasn’t to difficult to pick up. In the beginnings I had a drop C tuning on my guitar and software that was pitch shifted 3 full steps down to G. Since then I have re-tuned my guitar to drop G and have thicker strings so (Low E) is 70 (70-50-38-28-18-14) High E) is 14 Also I have been playing it on my Alexi Signature V 6 String. So, Can it Djent? Yes it Can! It sounds very similar to my software pitch shifting but it has a much more deep full sound range, and well-rounded sound. My last Djent song for awhile that was released today is called “Messed Up”. Which is a sad disturbing song and which reflects my current mood and mental state at the moment. I sound so out of it singing and screaming in it.

Disturbed Insight

Overall though my music is mood driven, emotionally disturbing songs. I have been really disturbed lately with my schizophrenia symptoms and I self-harmed on the Sunday quite significantly. So I’m really struggling at the moment. It is Tuesday evening right now and it’s about time to go and enjoy the rest of my evening.


It’s not easy when you have mental illness. Also I think my music styles, Djent and Black Metal, hammers my mind even more so down into the depths of despair. It’s like being a soldier of Satan always fighting against the forces of doom and angels disbanded; defying the Gods of Hell. It’s also when you are out of control; it’s about trying to bring yourself back from the darkness. If you get a chance to listen to my new track it hopefully with give you an insight into how I’m feeling right now and that I’m quite unwell mentally. You can stream it below.

Well it’s time for me to go now and loose myself in my sadness and self hate, catcha, Ali,xx.

Stream my new song “Messed Up” below, 1:45 Minutes Duration. (song has been removed)

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