Feeling Very Excited and Happy, I now have T.V – Officially on Break from My Music.

Well went to an awesome concert last night. Today I got a set top box and I now have T.V. Watching the women’s 20/20 cricket final at the moment. Things are so good right now.

Onto other things I’m officially on break from my music for awhile. I have been working myself into the ground most of this week with my music. Well it’s Sunday today and things are pretty good, I burnt my first 3 tracks of my new album to a CD to play in the car, and it sounds pretty good in the car and on my Harman Kardon speaker sitting on my desk. I have a fourth song that I finished which has also just gone up today on my bandcamp site so you can check out stream and buy my 4 tracks to my ‘Her Blackened Heart’ Album over here: https://alishapoor.bandcamp.com/album/her-blackened-heart

“Hurt” Song Comment – Morgan – rather a stabby sound. Interesting texture of mostly noise in the guitar, but the melodic part at the end breaks it up nicely.

Well just having some beer and a bottle of wine right now with some peking duck crisps. Well I better go now and enjoy the rest of my evening it’s 8:30PM now, catcha, Ali,xx.

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