Pizza Night, New Song ‘Her Party’ This Friday Night Party Night!

Well it’s just gone past 9PM this evening and it’s time to celebrate my weeks’ efforts.

So tonight is Pizza Wine and Beer night this Friday night party night. It’s a big night for celebrations because I have been making Djent music all week. With that said I have a new song a party song called ‘Her Party’ done in the Djent style. You can stream it below.

Well I got in touch with my mental area health clinic to discuss some things. All seems to be going really well at the moment. I have been trying to keep myself well.

So anyway just relaxing now and yes I’m officially on break now from my music.

I was just quite keen to play Djent this week as I like the sound. And it’s a new sound for me. I’m on break now as of tonight from my music for quite a long time until I can focus again.

Anyway that’s it for me, catcha, Ali,xx.

‘Her Suffering’ song comment – Morgan – Pure chaos. Nice. Good sound too.

Stream ‘Her Party’ below, 1:07 Minutes Duration.

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